5-7 JULY 2019

Farm Festival

The Sytnye Sady Festival (the Hearty Gardens Festival) is a bright event with an exposition of the best farms, vintage stands,
music and modern art.

You will see performances of creative groups, try farm food and release thousands of sky lanterns!

Why do we hold the festival?
Our team is very energetic and active.
Just working on the projects is not enough for us;
we want to change the world for the better.

We want to create a place where one would want to exchange knowledge and create a strong and independent profession of agricultural and livestock farmers - a profession to be proud of.
We need knowledge in this sphere. And so do others.
Creating the festival, we have several aims
Meeting with and uniting farmers, searching for like-minded persons and mutual help, exchanging hands-on experience in an informal setting;
Creation of a new farmer image
Promotion of a new attractive farmer image;
Transformation from a negative image into a positive image
A platform for exchange of experience and knowledge
Presentation of the future platform open for each interested person willing to share his knowledge, kindness and brave new projects
What does the festival have to offer?
We have been actively intensifying our program: an animal exhibition, workshops and competitions for children, performances of creative groups.

The festival will bring together bright representatives of completely different areas
The farmers shall present their products, tasty and genuine, and shall demonstrate farm machinery.
They shall bring their pets and stock in trade - animals of different breeds.
Business program
Special characteristics of a national farmer
Foreign and Russian farmers shall come to exchange experience and find lifelong friends.
A special role shall be given to a volunteer movement of young farmers and students that shall participate in building an ecological trail at the location of the festival. They shall become the main stars of the festival.
Workshops of craftspeople
Проведение мастер-классов и рассказы о своем искусстве: гончары, кузнецы и т.д.
Entertainment program for all the family
Interesting creative groups will perform creating a fun and joyful atmosphere, unexpected competitions will be held.
Trade fair stands
All that you need for your own pleasure and home
Volunteer program
Creation of a modern tourist zone
Building an ecological trail within the framework of the volunteer movement
- creating an unforgettable tourist atmosphere
- staying in a tent camp
- eating farm food
- an evening entertainment program
- songs by the fire
- photo report at the end of the tour
At the end of the traineeship a presentation of the ecological trail opening will be held at the International Farm Festival on 7 July.

How to become a participant?
If you are a farmer or produce farm products, make fantastic coffee, create jewelry, play in a band or on a theater stage or have another interesting occupation, we will be very glad to have you participate in the festival!

Write us about how you can make the festival brighter!

You agree with our Terms and Conditions
Meet the bright summer!
Immerse yourself in farm life!
Participate in the competitions and enjoy creative works in the middle of summer!

3 day

A unique entertainment program
100 participants

The festival participants are farmers, entertainers, musicians, visual artists and cooks

17 workshops

Each platform has its own program

Opening of a new tourist site

Choose any convenient spot for entertainment
Sponsored by
Media sponsors
Our friends and partners
Our organizers
The organizers thoroughly consider each detail of the festival and answer to your questions
Karolina Granovskaya
The founder and director of the festival
Captain of our festival! Karolina knows everything about the festival! She brought together an excellent team of the best farm event for us!

+7 (903) 754 54 34
Galina Kapety
Partners and sponsors
Galina is the voice of our festival! She pays a lot of attention to each client.

+ 7 (926) 029 77 52
Olga Ivanova
Project Architect
Olga knows all that needs to be known about the location and what to put where.


Where shall the festival be held?
This is a unique location in Ryazan Region, Skopinsk District, Polyanskoye settlement in Dmitrievo village surrounded by old-growth forests.
Do not hesitate to contact us on any question by email, phone or through social media

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